The Last Barbarian finds himself in an endless dungeon assaulted by wave after wave of dangerous undead. Some of them use their fists, some their blades, and others bow and arrows!

  • Move your character through the dungeon using arrow keys on a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen input.
  • Your barbarian auto attacks when they are close to an enemy.
  • Avoid the red lines as that means an undead archer has you in their sights!
  • See how long you can survive against the waves and make it to the top of the leaderboard.
  • You get 100 coins to start to spend on either higher attack, defense, speed, or health. Choose wisely!


Łukasz Kundys, Artur Mańkowski, Piotr Siuszko, Łukasz Wysk


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Seems like we have SFW version of my game here, lol.